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In the depth of mychoy Argolikoy of trick and Southly-western the Prefecture Argolida, next to the historical cities Slow and Nauplium, finds itself the Municipality Lernas. Place full history particular natural good and rich rural production.”
Here “lived” the fabulous monster Lernaean Hydra with the nine heads where the demigod Iraklis katanikise in his second feat with Iolaos. Nine were also the sources that shaped the lake Kingfisher that as says also Paysanias: … “the water of lake, as idonta eikasai galinon esti and iremaion provided aspect toiaytin, dianichesthai tolmisanta always tina kathelkein pefyke and es bottom ypolabon apinegke…”
Even today the region provides important quantities of water by which ydreyetai and is irrigated important part of Argolikoy of field. Lerna protoparoysiastike as settlement with the name Hydra at the neolithic period (roughly 3500 eg), the settlement was maintained in the all later historical periods protoelladikis, mesoelladikis, ysteroelladikis season and up to the Roman years.
Today, dipla by the discoveries of neolithic settlement is developed the modern settlement of Mills, where with Kiberi, Skafidaki and mountainous Andritsa they constitute the Local Apartments of Municipality Lernas.
The municipality Lernas has extent 84 tetr. kilometres and population 3050 residents, that certain the summer months become many more.
It quantitatively has the advantage a rich and suitable qualitatively water wagon horizon while in his administrative limits exist the sources of Lernis, Anabaloy and Ammymonis. Combine harmoniously plain, mountain and sea with a coastal forehead roughly 6 kilometres with mountainous volumes, with sources (Vein - Andritsas) and with a fertile rural ground.
The residents in their big percentage deal with the agriculture (citrus fruits, olives, berikokies, horticultural) and the fishery, as also and with the tourism, particular the summer months.
They are distinguished for the hard work and their enterprising spirit dealing with the trade, developing and enough manufacturing units particularly in the region of Skafidakioy.
The visitor of Municipality Lernas has many he sees and it admires that they elect the importance and the value of etoytoy place. His history, his beauties, his beaches, the fresh fish, the famed skewers of Mills, the persons… make you travel…
Today, dipla by the discoveries of neolithic settlement is developed the modern settlement of Mills, where with Kiberi, Skafidaki and mountainous Andritsa they constitute the Municipal Apartments of Municipality Lernas.
From the excavations resulted important discoveries of first years of big archaeological importance that deserve you visit.
At the years fragkokratias in the region of Lernas near Dim. Apartment of Mills and to the settlement Straw, was built ochyromatikos Tower the “Tower of Basilopoylas” which discoveries of are saved until today.
Also was built in the hill of Pontinoy the “Castle of Lernas” which had triple fence and it was used as defensive ochyroma at the years of Greek Revolution 1821.
In the region existed important number ydromylon where later Enetoi manufactured dipla them big vaulted buildings for the storage of cereals.
Also they manufactured factory of manufacture of gunpowder where for the movement of his instruments
they were used the force of water of artificial lake of Lernas that created, manufacturing ydatofragma, ruins of which are saved until today.
In the period of revolution 1821 the special weight of region of Mills, was elected with the battle of Mills on 13 June 1825. In this place hung around by sources, streams and marshes it was assigned by the government in Yannis Makrygianni it faces Impraim in his charge to Nauplium.
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